Leather details


Hides which have been tanned with a vegetable tanning agent solution produce flexible, but stiff leathers, such as those used in luggage, furniture, leashes, belts, hats, and harnesses.

Vegetable tanning consists of stringing hides on large frames, located inside large vats, and exposing them to tannin, a natural product found in the bark, wood, leaves and fruits of chestnut, oak and hemlock trees. Hides are transferred to many different bins during this step, each containing a stronger solution of tannin. Vegetable tanning prevents the skin from decay and shrinkage.

Ecological leathers:
Our vegetable tanned leathers come from cows which are pastured under Toscanas sun.

High standard and ecological manufactured cow leather that guarantees environmental responsibility and long term use.

-manufactured by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards
-only environmentally friendly chemicals which meet Reach declarations (EC 1907/2006) standards are used
-no animals are killed just for natural hide. The natural hides used in tanning are from food industry side products

Our leathers are manufactured using 30% less energy and water to help save the environment.

-many components used in our process are recyclable.
-ecologically made leather DOES NOT contain any forbidden or environmentally harming materials such as azo-color, nicel, PCP and chrome VI.